Aderyn Glas Cruises
Aderyn Glas Cruises
Just a few random statistics. Someone once remarked on the fact that we knew exactly how much wine we'd drunk crossing from France to Greece, but only had a hazy idea of the amount of fuel we'd used! Isn't that how it's supposed to be?
Statistic2011 2012 2013
Miles travelled294.8295380
Hours of sailing to motoring (by time so this is not a measure of distance)28 : 4731 : 1621 : 75
Water refills (these are not complete tankfuls)10810
Wine consumption72 ltr27 ltr
Diesel consumption101 ltr123 ltr184 ltr
Days at sea48
Meals out2235
Min and max cost of a meal for two (euro)19 : 4519 : 41
Average cost of a meal for two (euro)31
Max temperature41C37C
Most miles in one day2643.4
Nights at anchor1719
Nights in a marina213
Nights in harbour16
Toilet rolls :-)20
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